We can see the component in a variety of sizes and shapes, their estructa in XML is as follows:


android:id ="@+id/buttonRegistrar"

android:layout_width ="match_parent"

android:layout_height ="wrap_content"

android:gravity ="center"

android:text ="@string/registrar"


ImageButton(Boton Imagen)

In many application Doulingo see this component as it makes it attractive for the user.


android:id ="@+id/imagen_button"

android:layout_width ="match_parent"

android:layout_height ="wrap_content"

android:src ="@drawable/android_button"


TextView(Vista de texto)

Are all the texts that have the application


android:layout_width ="match_parent"

android:layout_height ="wrap_content"

android:gravity ="center"

android:text ="@string/contrasena"

android:textSize ="20sp" />

EditText(Edicion de texto)

These are constituents that brings the application to enter text.


android:id ="@+id/fieldContrasena"

android:layout_width ="match_parent"

android:layout_height ="wrap_content"

android:ems ="10"

android:inputType ="tipo" />


Is the activity that handles enable or disable an event


android:id ="@+id/switch1"

android:layout_width ="wrap_content"

android:layout_height ="wrap_content"

android:textOn ="Start"

android:textOff ="Stop"

android:text ="@string/ " />

ANDROID:ID is the identification that we give to our component to recognize in our code and initialized to identify it as follows "@ + id /", this is because when we compile our project in the R class constant to create enventos control.

ANDROID:LAYOUT_WIDTH Y HEIGHTare the dimensions of the components that take about the size of our layaut.

ANDROID:GRAVITY It is the location that will give our buttons either centered, left and right about the layaout

ANDROID:TEXT define the text to be assigned to the component and its definition are the values ​​/ string / nombreDelComponente folder. And it is called as follows when @ string / nombreDelComponente

ANDROID:SRC defines a foreground image on a image button

ANDROID:TEXTSIZE is the size that gives the text.

ANDROID:INPUTTYPE the format is given to EDITTEXT component, eg text, textPassword, among others textEmail

ANDROID:EM is the size of the source is given in the text.

ANDROID:TEXTON the ignition switch component and you are made off, we can start as we like in the example tells us is ON START AND STOP OFF is.

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