Duolingo Learn a Language Trunk Animation, YTM Viral Productions02:05

Duolingo Learn a Language Trunk Animation, YTM Viral Productions


Its founder is Luis von Ahn Guatemala and was the reCAPTCHA system design , famous for while allowing you to enter a website, was translating helping to recognize words whose origins are scanned books . A dual purpose idea that worked very well. Hence the idea arose Duolingo . It is a 100 % free service (for now) that offers a kind of tiered training pathways in multiple languages. In return, there is a whole community of users who voluntarily also earn points by translating texts of different languages. Is the idea of its founder, will be able to translate any page within minutes through crowdsourcing , or in this case crowdtranslating . How is life Duolingo wins? Because also professional translation payment. You can upload a text and volunteers translate it when you can or want , or pay for them to do inmediatamente.En development Python5 mainly used the language and involved Antonio Navas , Vicki Cheung, Marcel Uekermann , Brendan Meeder , Hector Villafuerte and Jose Fuentes.

Originally the project was patrociando by MacArthur fellowship grant awarded to Luis von Ahn in 2006 and a grant from the National Foundation for Science.

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